Featured | Glamour & Grace

Elopements – some people might not understand ’em. But let’s get real, elopements can be an amazingly less expensive and equally more intimate way of celebrating your marriage to the person you love. I mean, my father was practically begging me to elope. “Use the money for an amazing honeymoon, a down payment on a house, anything” He all but broke my ribs hinting atΒ his desire for grandchildren. But in the end…I wanted the big wedding.

While elopements aren’t for everyone, they can be a totally beautiful way to celebrate your marriage to your best friend. I love how the photographers of Anna + Mateo Photography have captured that feeling with this romantic DC elopement shoot.

And just because you ran away to get married doesn’t mean you don’t want to share your great news with everyone. That is where I come in! Custom elopement postcards can be an easy way to spread the word and give everyone a glimpse of your special day.

These postcards are made out of heavy, luxurious paper and each was individually hand marbled for a unique effect. The simple elegance of the marbling and flourished calligraphy reflect the peaceful, loving day this couple experienced.


I was so grateful to be included in such a beautiful shoot. You can view the full feature here on Glamour and Grace.