Beginner Calligraphy Workshop

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to host a calligraphy workshop. When I was first learning calligraphy the workshops I attended were game changers for me and my business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the personal instruction I received. Which is why I feel like now is the right time to offer my own workshop!

I remember the expectations I had going into an in-person workshop, what I wanted to learn, what helped me internalize the techniques, and what I wished I had been taught. Because I participated in so many workshops myself as I was learning, I understand what beginners are looking for which is how I came up with the content for this workshop.

So, what’s included?

  • 2.5 hours of hands-on instruction
  • A starter kit of all my favorite point pen and supplies (nibs, ink, paper, all the stuff I can’t live without!)
  • 1 instruction book on the basic of calligraphy tools and how to use them, drills and practice strokes, and a full alphabet
  • A special gift from yours truly to keep you inspired
  • A Q&A session so you can ask all the questions you’ve been saving up
  • Light refreshments

The cost is $150.00 per person and class size is limited to ensure personal instruction with all attendees. Email me at to register!

Workshop will be held in Hershey, PA.



Featured | Glamour & Grace

Elopements – some people might not understand ’em. But let’s get real, elopements can be an amazingly less expensive and equally more intimate way of celebrating your marriage to the person you love. I mean, my father was practically begging me to elope. “Use the money for an amazing honeymoon, a down payment on a house, anything” He all but broke my ribs hinting at his desire for grandchildren. But in the end…I wanted the big wedding.

While elopements aren’t for everyone, they can be a totally beautiful way to celebrate your marriage to your best friend. I love how the photographers of Anna + Mateo Photography have captured that feeling with this romantic DC elopement shoot.

And just because you ran away to get married doesn’t mean you don’t want to share your great news with everyone. That is where I come in! Custom elopement postcards can be an easy way to spread the word and give everyone a glimpse of your special day.

These postcards are made out of heavy, luxurious paper and each was individually hand marbled for a unique effect. The simple elegance of the marbling and flourished calligraphy reflect the peaceful, loving day this couple experienced.


I was so grateful to be included in such a beautiful shoot. You can view the full feature here on Glamour and Grace.




Featured | Ruffled Blog

“Come Fly With Me”

These invitations and ceremony details were created for a styled shoot for the oh-so-talented Lizzie Moore  of Elizabeth Moore Photography. She envisioned a vintage chic elopement ceremony with a BIG send off – the bride and groom making their grand exit in a hot air balloon!

The invitations gave the guests a big hint at the send-off by including custom watercolor hot air balloons and a “Surprise!” banner at the top. The names were calligraphed in bright red ink to the give the invitations a pop and create a bold, playful feel.

The envelopes were also lined with watercolor hot air balloons in a similar pattern. Because this was an intimate elopement ceremony, only those closest to the bride and groom were invited. We kept the envelopes informal by addressing the guests by their first and last names (no Mr. & Mrs.) or simply “Grandma Miller.”

The ceremony had so many fun calligraphed details to give the day that vintage flair. Although it was an elopement, we still wanted to keep the ceremony and following dinner classy and beautiful with all the details it deserved.


The dinner menus were kept simple in black and white and then tied with a pale blush silk ribbon. We included place cards, table numbers, and a custom sign with a watercolor hot air ballon and the theme of their elopement, “Come Fly With Me.” Small signs directed the guests to other sweet treats to enjoy.

A large, hand painted wooden sign was used to greet the guests and get them ready to “fly away” with the bride and groom on this special day. It was used in many different ways throughout the day and added a fun, unique element to the shoot.

I loved everything about this shoot and am so grateful to have worked with such an awesome team of vendors! You can view the full feature here on Ruffled!

Why Creative Entrepreneurs Need a Community


Starting a creative business endeavor is hard work. A lot of times, entrepreneurship can feel like an individual journey, as you struggle to understand your market and grow your business as best you can. However, in order to really succeed in your business, I gotta tell you, you need people! You need people who are like you, who get you, and who can help you. Let me tell you a few reasons why…

  1. You need people to ENCOURAGE you. Starting your own creative business is hard! You need people who see the good in your work and will be enthusiastic about it. You need people who can help you take an idea and work it into something actionable. A community can do that for you.
  2. You need people who will PUSH you. Praise is always nice. But you also need people who are able to constructively tell you where you need to grow. You need people who can take you out of your comfort zone and help you see your potential. A community can do that for you.
  3. You need people who have ANSWERS. One of the beauties of a community is that inevitably there will be people who are farther along in their businesses than you are – and that’s a great thing! That means that they have been there and they understand what you’re going through now. They can answer questions you have about almost anything. And that will invariably foster faster growth of your business. A community can do that for you.
  4. You need people so that you can GIVE BACK. See all those things that people are doing for you? Now you can do that for others! You can take your success and share your knowledge with others. You can encourage and lift others. Giving is just as important as receiving. And that’s something you can do for your community.

When I first started learning calligraphy a year ago I was lucky enough to have been introduced early on to a few people and communities who have helped me learn so much. They give me so much encouragement and support that I know I couldn’t do it without them.

So don’t be shy – go find your people! Find those people who will help you feel like a million bucks and give you the support you need to accomplish your goals!

If you need a little direction, a few of my favorite communities are The Rising Tide Society, The Modern Calligraphy Summit, and the Sean Wes Community.




A few people from my new local calligraphy community. Love them already! Photo by Design House of Moira




Nod to Cinderella

Have you seen Disney’s newest version of the live-action Cinderella? If you are like me, you were entranced by the vibrant colors, gorgeous details, and of course the kindness and elegance of Cinderella herself. I am not ashamed to say that it was one of my favorite movies of 2015!

What bride doesn’t wish for a little bit of that elegance and magic on her wedding day? Thanks to the amazing talents of Hillary Muelleck Photography and Kortney Cooper Dowell we were able to create a little bit of that magic in this vintage-modern stylized shoot.

We are so excited and honored to have this shoot featured on Wedding Chicks! You can check out their site for more details on  how our vision came together!














Welcome to my blog!

First let me tell you, I am a beginner. I just want to get that out there in the open! I am a beginner at a lot of things. I am a beginner at blogging, at calligraphy, at motherhood (and adulthood really). Beginnings can be scary. Beginnings often mean things that are unknown, unfamiliar and even uncomfortable. But beginnings can also be exciting! It can mean a clean slate, a fresh perspective, and a new adventure!

So I would like to invite you to join me on this new adventure of beginnings. This blog will specifically follow my journey in calligraphy, but I’m sure some of my other beginnings will find their way in as well. This will be a positive place where I can share insights, tips and inspiration. I hope you follow along! Celebrate with my triumphs and laugh with me at my mistakes! And please share your journey with me! Comment below and we’ll make it through these crazy beginnings together!